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welcome to m3

m3 has been created as an intentional space of inclusiveness, connection, and community, because the practice of yoga  is not for an elite few.  it is for any and every  body.

each one of us needs time to reset and heal in an environment that is safe and equitable – a  place of social and emotional justice, where we all can rise in body, soul and spirit through movement and meditation.

my classes are designed to encompass our spiritual beliefs, address our traumas, and embody our life experiences.

all bodies and expressions are welcome…….come explore what’s possible for you!

about me

i am  a yoga instructor who holds a 500 hour RYT certification, enriched with trauma sensitive training.

my yoga journey began as i grappled with the stresses of my legal career, relocating halfway across the world for work, and the incarceration of my son and only child.  seeking solace for my own trauma, i discovered the transformative power of yoga and began to gently unravel the knots of my past experiences.

my desire is to hold a safe and nurturing space for you.  a space where you can embark upon your personal journey of self-discovery and healing through ancient yogic practices combined with modern insights into trauma-informed care.

your yoga journey awaits, and I would be honored to guide you along the way.

the classes

vinyasa flows with breath and meditation:

the beauty of vinyasa yoga is the variety. the classes may be sequenced around a peak pose such as a backbend, or they might focus on a particular theme such kindness or some spiritual or yogic philosophy. in all classes, the poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence.  vinyasa itself is a moving meditation that creates strength in our body and  fluidity and freedom in our mind. as we link breath to flow in the practice,  we develop the ability to manage the sea changes in our lives with less resistance.

rise up and worship flow

the intention of this class is for you to rise and connect with your spiritual practice through movement and worship.  if god has led you to this class, then he has something more for you.  the classes are designed to destress your mind, as we flow, through breath and movement.

i encourage you to come with a surrendered heart and approach your mat and god differently each time.  you will never have the same experience on the mat or with him!

trauma sensitive yoga flows

trauma disconnects the mind-body-soul connection and yoga helps reconnect it. the emphasis of trauma informed yoga is to create a safe and supportive space for you to explore your body and sensations from the poses.  we emphasize healing, safety and self-compassion – to feel present and ground yourself in the present moment, rather than following specific yoga forms and poses.

golden yogis

this yoga stretch class is a welcoming and inclusive space for all golden agers, regardless of your previous yoga experience or physical abilities. It is a great opportunity to improve physical health, flexibility, and mobility while also enjoying the benefits of community and connection.

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the investment

first class  flow free
single class    US20/TT135
10 class card US180/TT1,200
20 class card  US330/TT2,240
seniors US10.00/TT67.00

mobile om

i can bring the benefits of yoga and meditation to you.  mobile yoga allows me to help you prioritize your health and well-being in a convenient and accessible way.

reach out to me here and let me know location, number of people, proposed dates, flow or theme that interests you,  and I will do the rest!

the pricing for mobile om is dependent upon requirements.

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